Amber Henderson Re-Roof Charity

Roofing Contractors Lend a Helping Hand by Re-Roofing the Home of Single Mom in Need

A group of people standing behind a frame of chain link fence with an RCASF banner, while in front of a house.

Amber Henderson is a Nurse for the Broward County School Board. She works to ensure that all children with special needs receive the services they require. After the loss of her mother due to the mental illness of her brother, Amber became an advocate for families facing mental health problems. She was a mental health first responder after the Parkland School shootings. 

Amber Henderson’s house was in need of a new roof. Ms. Henderson, a single mom of two, lived in this house her entire life. She inherited the house after the loss of her mother. With no family nearby and a small support system, Amber hadn’t found the resources necessary to begin this project. A member of RCASF who was familiar with the Associations philanthropic endeavors, approached the RCASF Board of Directors with Amber’s plight. The Board immediately recognized Amber as a worthy recipient of a helping hand.

Board member John Chase inspected the roof. The leaks in Amber’s house were so numerous and had been in existence for such a long time that the structural decking was deteriorated which required a complete re-roof. This was further evidenced by the extensive amount of deck replacement needed during the re-roof process.

RCASF issued a call to action to members asking for donations and manpower to complete an entire re-roof in one day.

City of Hollywood Inspector, Larry Lancaster agreed to come out to on a Saturday to perform the needed inspections. Upon arrival, Mr. Lancaster stated, “Look at all these companies working together on a weekend. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

RCASF stands proud of all our members who continuously step up and support our community.

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