Hurricane Dorian Bahamian Relief Effort

RCASF has partnered with Channel 4 and Neighbors4Neighbors to provide shelter to the Bahamas following the most devastating hurricane this island chain has ever seen.

A large spread out pile of building debris in front of a partially destroyed house

The need for Bahamian relief was great following the largest and most devastating storm the Bahamas has ever seen. The South Florida roofing community was uniquely positioned to assist in providing shelter to those in desperate need. RCASF was proud to partner iwth Channel 4's, Neighbors4Neighbors to send tarps and supplies to the hardest hit areas.

We continue to request assistance with relief efforts in the battered Abaco Island of Marsh Harbor. There are many residents of Marsh Harbor that have no homeowner’s insurance coverage and limited or no personal resources to begin the roof replacement process. There are several organizations that are combining resources to help families in Marsh Harbor with their dire financial situation. One organization in particular, Bahamas Strong, has the following mission: Our focus is to provide rescue and relief resources to the victims of natural disasters in The Bahamas. Bahamas Strong, and the Marsh Harbor project in particular, has support from long time RCASF members Rob Kornahrens of Advanced Roofing Inc. and Gene Fall of Certified Roofing Specialists, Inc.

The following types of donations and involvement are now being accepted: In-Kind Material Donations, Building Tools & Equipment, Monetary Donations & Labor Assistance. Right now, the Bahamas Strong has a monetary fundraising goal of $250,000. Currently the focus is on 60 homes in the Marsh Harbor community that are in need of structural framing, plywood sheeting, dry-in felts, and shingles. Based on a recent site visit and assessment by Rob K. and Gene, it is clear Marsh Harbor homeowners are unable to make repairs due to the disastrous loss without outside help from organizations like “Bahamas Strong”. Please contact the RCASF office at 954-587-5040 or for more information.

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