Sheridan House Single Moms Triplex

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A mint green one story triplex with a sloping line metal roof, with an above entrance sign that says: Jose & Rebecca Renaud Home

RCASF is  pleased to have partnered with the Sheridan House by providing the roof for this structure. This triplex provides temporary housing solutions for single moms currently in their program. Sheridan House serves single moms by offering  intensive group training in areas such as finances, parenting, resume preparation and interviewing skills, as well as meal planning on a budget and more. The goal of this training is to equip these moms with the knowledge necessary for them to succeed in life. Rather than simply supplying a “hand out,” they strive to offer a “hand up.” 

The program helps women who have nowhere to turn. As relayed at one General Meeting, a lady who was enrolled in the program became a widow and was left to care for her two children alone. Without family support or training and saddled with debt, she was unable to keep her home. The Sheridan House was able to supply her with training and housing until she could make it on her own. 

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