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  1. Vanessa Teran

    Good afternoon,
    This question is related to Method 1* “ Moment Based Tile Calculations per RAS 127” in High Velocity Hurricane Zone Uniform Roofing Application Form for Miami-Dade County , Could we use Zone 3 for HIP ROOFS as 3e and 3r, also, Zone 2n is missing from TABLE 7 — HIP ROOFS?.

    1. Claudia Abbona

      Yes, use 3e or 3r line item for Hip roof Zone 3. No 2n, in Hip Roofs.
      Question answered by: Gaspar Rodriguez MDC

      1. catherine A duffin

        Are Formal design calc required for tincap fastenting and tile calc.? if so is there a no cost tool that is acceptable to calculate for us?