Aug 18

5:00 PM - 7:30 PMCOST: $45

August General Meeting

Presented by Larita Jarvis, Founder, Chief Innovator Larita Jarvis & Co.

A podium with an attached microphone in front of a crowd that is blurry and out of focus

Find out how corporate culture is impacting your business, learn what you can do to improve corporate culture, examine what is currently working for you, investigate what may be negatively impacting your culture, roadmap for creating a culture where people look forward to coming to work. 

LaRita Jarvis & Co.specializes in transforming good bosses into masterful communicators and extraordinary leaders. We use the only model of communication that can teach you how to detect individual differences in real-time, and then make adjustments that boost motivation. Learn how to promote collaboration and engage in healthy conflict to transform your organization into an employer of choice.

We are uniquely qualified to assess your organizational needs and apply transformative tools to support you in exceeding your specific objectives. Our playful approach makes it fun and comfortable to practice effective interaction techniques that will transform your relationships, your business, and your life!

As a behavioral scientist, Certified Process Communication Trainer, and Leading Out of Drama practitioner with a background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, LaRita enables leaders to create positive corporate cultures. Her infectious enthusiasm brings comfort to the process of uncovering our own blind spots and guarantees you will be inspired to transform your interactions to produce measurable results.

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