Feb 17

5:00 PM - 7:00 PMCOST: $45

February General Meeting LIVE

Presented by OPEN DISCUSSION facilitated by RCASF Board of Directors

A podium with an attached microphone in front of a crowd that is blurry and out of focus

Roofers Roundtable Open Discussion

Open to the first 40 people to register in order to comply with covid regulations.

 Location: Bistro Mezzaluna located at 1821 SE 10th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

We want to encourage all members to have an open mind.   Not everyone will be able to come back to the Live General Meetings for various reasons: some personal while others are driven by corporate policy.  Many of our members are happy to return to a LIVE format because of the strict safety measures we will have in place.  Your adherence to these measures is what’s going to keep us safe and healthy, so we can continue to network in person.  February will be a transition month, and we are anticipating some issues may arise. Your patience is always appreciated.

Kindly register by Monday, February 15 at 5 pm.

Use of waivers (signed in advance)

Masks are worn in the building unless seated for dinner

Maintain 6 feet distance

Temperature checks

Open seating with no more than 6 chairs per table

Maximum attendance of 40 people to accommodate social distancing regulations

Buffet dinner will be plated and served to each individual

Hybrid technology with the use of Zoom coming soon

Self-introductions with masks ON

How Can We Help You?

  • PO Box 813578, Hollywood, FL 33981
  • 954-587-5040