Feb 24

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February Webinar

Presented by Zach Forner, Sales Transformation, Inc

Building a Cash Cow Retail Sales Organization


This educational offering discusses the keys to building a cash cow retail sales organization by answering the “Why?” in building up your retail business model. Due to the fact that many contractors are frustrated with relying on weather event based opportunities, sales teams that struggle to sell value and sub-par margins we will educate you on how retail “opens up” many opportunities for growth in your local market. We will show you how to identify, recruit, and retain A+ players and utilize sales training and coaching as a part of your company culture. Lastly, we cover how to leverage sales funnels, manage and measure relational prospecting and why you need a milestone-centric sales process that supports selling and holding your value.


Zach Forner is a proven sales expert and organizational leader with over 15 years of experience across multiple industries. Before joining Sales Transformation Group, Zach worked as a high performing closer while also speaking both domestically and internationally. His personal mission is to inspire leaders and those they lead to renew their minds and take ownership of their personal and professional growth and development. He now uses his experience and skills to isolate problems, provide solutions and establish phenomenal sales cultures among some of the top contracting companies in North America.
Senior Growth Consultant, Keynote Speaker
Sales Transformation Group
Email: zach@salestransformationgroup.com
Phone: 719-445-1550


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