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RCASF strives to encourage and foster a feeling of friendship and cooperation among members. We endeavor to provide educational information that may be useful to members. We seek to maintain a high standard of business ethics and conduct among members and to encourage such feelings among all others associated with the roofing industry.

“Miami-Dade Product Control sincerely appreciates the dedication and professionalism of the RCASF. For those of us that serve the public interest, it is very important to have access to such an important group that brings together the best of the Roofing Industry in South Florida. The efforts and integrity of its members for our community as well as the Roofing Industry is a tremendous benefit to all of us who call South Florida home.” - Jorge L. Acebo, Roofing Product Control Examiner Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resource

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As an RCASF member, you get a seal of approval for your website, company vehicles, and artwork for proposals that lets your customers know they are dealing with a reputable business.


RCASF provides its' members cutting edge industry education on a variety of topics such as: safety, codes, legal and technical innovations.
Stay Up to Date Because communication is important in our ever-changing industry, RCASF members receive regular communication from the association. You also have the ability to attend monthly General Meetings allowing for networking opportunities.
Members Perks Members of RCASF can take advantage of the variety of Perks we offer including discounts on business services, and access to exclusive offerings.
Members Directory Consumers looking to hire a reputable contractor will visit RCASF to find them. That is why we offer our members a detailed profile on our site.


RCASF maintains a relationship with local Building Officials and has members who sit on local Code Boards. RCASF will notify you of changes in codes that effect your business.

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